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In 1980 I took a sabbatical that changed my life. Prior to this, I had been teaching high school and loved it. I taught a variety of courses -law and government, women’s studies, writing, and outdoor education. Part of my motivation to become a high school teacher was to support girls realize they had choices and could be whatever they wanted.

After ten years I was burnt out and couldn’t understand why, especially since I was doing what I loved. 


My sabbatical gave me a much-needed break. Following my intuition and a compelling desire to see the Himalayas, I signed up for a twenty-eight day trek to the Annapurna region of Nepal. I took an additional three months to travel by myself through Europe. I had never traveled outside the country. I was thirty-three.


Profoundly changed from my travels, I returned home excited by new ideas, but also scared and confused.  My old roles and identities no longer fit, and I had no idea who I was any more. 

Years in Jungian analysis helped me understand I was on some kind of journey or pilgrimage. I set out to learn more and enrolled in a graduate program in psychology with an emphasis on east-west studies and women’s psychology.


Continuing down my path I became a mother and began another life-changing journey raising two amazing daughters as a single mom.


Traveling opened my eyes and heart, so I have continued traveling, alone when I went to Machu Picchu in Peru, and with my daughters when we went to Chile, India, and a road trip across the U.S.


In my own transitions, I have benefited from mentors and teachers who have helped me make life decisions from a more truthful, soulful place. 


I would like to help you as a mentor or coach in discovering your path, your calling, and the deeper meaning of your life. 

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